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Hydronic Heating

Breeze has delivered exceptional service across Melbourne for over 15 years. We deliver the highest quality air-conditioning and heating services to the greater Melbourne region and across Victoria.

Quality customer service, exceptional prices and expertise you can trust is what makes Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers your number one choice for any heating or cooling job. Breeze recommends hydronic heating is recognized as the best central heating system available and it is the most efficient and pleasant way to heat your home. It operates by re-circulating hot water via sealed pipes, heated by gas boilers. To install Hydronic Heating, a gas boiler is installed on the outside of the house – this looks similar to a regular instant Hot Water system – this is connected via insulated plastic piping to each of the Radiant Panels which are wall mounted in each of the rooms that heating is required.

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The reasons for choosing Hydronic Heating:

Cost-effective: Hydronic system can reduce your energy costs by heating only the spaces you need – and only when you need them heated. A hydronic heating system is an excellent economical and flexible way to control your energy bills. Simply turn off the radiator panels in the rooms you’re not using and use thermostatic heads to regulate temperatures in the rooms you are.

Eco-Friendly: Hydronic Heating is a natural heating alternative utilizing water and natural gas. Energy use can be up to 70% less than other methods such as electricity dependent reverse cycle systems. The system is sealed with minimal emissions.

Dust and Allergen Free: Dust and allergens are a big drawback with ducted heating systems. Hydronic Heating works on natural radiant heat and convection where there is no forced air circulation, meaning no dust and no allergies – ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Safe to touch: Hydronic Heating is completely sealed, with no exposed flames or electrical connections for fire hazards. The water temperature circulates in a Hydronic Heating System at an adjustable temperature to determine optimum comfort levels in individual rooms.

Silent: One characteristic of Hydronic Heating that is a clear advantage over many other forms of heating is the fact that it is silent. No noisy space heaters or wall heaters with the constant blowing of air, hydronic heating heats your home in peace and quiet.

Reliable: Hydronic Heating is effortless and reliable; simply set the thermostat upon installation and forget about it. Maintenance is seldom required; the only working parts are the hot water boiler and the pump kit. High quality manufacturing with long term warranties ensure your system will provide reliable heat for many years to come.

Stylish Radiator panels can be sleek and ultra-modern or traditional Victorian cast iron. Stainless steel polished towel rails and fittings complete the range providing something to suit every home decor.

Individual Area Zoning: The panels are controlled by individual Thermostatic valves which means you can run one room shutting the other rooms or set to lower temperature. This sort of superior control valves has Liquid filled sensor, Set point limiting or locking and Frost setting.

Installation and Servicing of Hydronic Heaters:

Breeze heating and cooling engineers have specialised plumbers who have over 20 years industry experience and solve your hydronic heating problems with minimum time spending which saves you the cost. We service the boilers and checkout all the lines for leak testing, wear and tear, setting of the panels.

Individual Area Zoning - Breeze Heating & Cooling Specialists


Installation: For an estimated price for installation of Hydronic Heating each wall mounted panel will cost approx. $1,200 (including GST and installation of boiler and all piping). For example, a 190 m2 or 20 square house may have approx. 8 to 10 panels at a total installation cost of approximately $9,600 to $12,000 including GST.

Repairs Cost: We charge minimum for any service or maintenance $165 which includes $90 callout and $60 for half an hour work. Within half an hour we can fix all the small repairs and also any major repairs we can provide quotes.

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