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The Energy Efficient House Design will need very little energy to make it comfortable. Design includes facing of the windows, Sizes of the window, Insulated Glass in the windows, insulation of the side / celling of the house. Mechanical heating and cooling should never be used as a substitute for good design. It is better to invest more money in an energy efficient building than spend it on heating and cooling. The principles of thermal comfort and the importance of air movement, humidity and radiant heat.
Basic Selection Chart

FAN Wall, Table, Floor Fan or fixed Ceiling Little Very cheap to run With good design and insulation, fans can often provide adequate cooling for acclimatised residents in all Australian climates. They save money and the environment. No Carbon emission, 100% of choice
EVAPORATIVE COOLER Portable or Fixed Roof mounted type It can be low as only the fan uses energy Cheaper then Air conditioners Your second choice for mechanical cooling should be evaporative coolers. Second choice, still Electricity needed to run; Future equipments with Solar panel highly recommended
REFRIGERATED COOLERS Wall units, Portable Splits, Fixed Splits, Ducted units, Heats exchangers Consumes more energy and greener house gas emission. Operating energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions are high compared to other cooling methods More energy consumption and creates more green house gas. Future equipments with Solar panel highly recommende
HEAT EXCHANGER Reverse cycle air conditioners. Air to water or air to ground (also called geothermal) Expensive to install Very low running costs Higher Breakdown costs Future equipments with Solar panel highly recommended.

Energy Efficient House Diagram